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Five Reasons to Create a Photo Book

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In today’s digital world, physical photo albums are seen as a thing of the past. Once a beloved pastime between family and friends, we now often opt for the digital alternative. Luckily, there’s a contemporary way to keep this precious tradition alive – photo books.

Before you decide to put your photos uniquely online or keep them somewhere on your mobile device, here are 5 reasons to consider for making your own personal photo book.

Captural Photo Books

1)    Photo Books are Durable 

Compared to a traditional photo album with worn-out plastic sheets and photos that become discolored over time, a photo book is a great alternative to keep your favourite photographs at hand. Photo book paper is often water- and scratch-resistant which guarantees a longer shelf life compared to a traditional photo album.

2)      Photo Books are Fast and Easy to Create 

To create a photo book you only follow a few simple steps. First, upload the photos directly from your mobile device or laptop to a photo book app. Second, arrange your photos, either manually or with the help of a template, it’s fast and easy. Third, choose different covers and titles to create a personalized feel. Finally, the reproduction of the photo book can be done with just one click.

3)    Photo Books are Customizable

A photo book mostly consists of photos – sometimes with a caption – created using a pre-programmed template on a desktop or mobile app. For each photo book, you can choose between a hardback or softback cover, and between glossy or matte sheets. You are also able to change the formatting and tailor the layout to your individual taste. Design and photo enhancement can also be done during the process of creation.

4)    Photo Books are Cost Effective 

Photo books are generally affordable; depending on the company you choose, the size of the book, paper quality, and the shipping method.

5)    Photo Books are Great Gifts 

Apart from being a great addition to your personal photo collection, photo books are a great gift idea for family and friends. Their sleek and modern design is sure to impress everyone.

Captural Photo Book App – a Fast Way to Create a Photo Book From Your iPhone

With the Captural Photo Book App you can easily create a photo book directly from the camera roll of your iPhone in less than a minute – by simply choosing the photos, arranging them using one of our beautiful, pre-designed themes, writing a title for your photo book and ordering using a credit card.

Captural Photo Books

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