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Five Tips to Make a Great Photo Book on iPhone

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Usually, the photo book making process can be time-consuming and challenging on a smartphone. But following these five tips, it can be quick, fun, and rewarding to create a photo book on iPhone! Here’s how to get started. 

Photo by Neil Cooper on Unsplash

1. Preselect Photos for Your Photo Book 

In advance, prepare an album in your iPhone’s camera roll. Preselect photos you’d like to use in your photo book and place them all in that album. Usually, after you log in to a photo book creation app, you can easily access your albums without scrolling through all photos on your phone.

Alternatively, if you tend to mark your photos as favorites, your “Favorites” album could be a good place to begin the selection process. If needed, edit photos in advance.

2. Add Variety to Your Photo Book   

To make your photo book more interesting and interactive, add variety to your photo selection. In other words, avoid choosing photos that are too much alike. You can mix things up by adding different photo formats: close-ups, landscapes, photos in motion, portraits, group shots, etc. By playing with different formats, you’ll tell your photo story more effectively.

3. Create Your Photo Book Cover 

Be sure to select your cover carefully. The main image of a photo book should capture the photo book’s central topic; it should invite the viewer to reflect on your book’s theme and get a better sense of that book’s essence. If you want to remember the exact period of time the photos were taken, add the year to your photo book cover, too.

4. Mind the Order of Photos in Your Photo Book

You can, of course, arrange your photos in a random order, but here are some potentially better options to consider:

●   Chronological order: For some photo book themes—like wedding, travel, kids growing up, friendships, and relationships—it’s exciting to relive the moments in the order they happened. Chronology will help you clearly tell a story about how an event started and unfolded. It will also emphasize the highlights and major developments. 

●   Chapter order: Dedicate a separate number of pages to each topic (places, people, occasions) of your photo book. You can also add blank pages in order to keep them apart.

5. Add Text to Your Photos in the Photo Book

Perhaps you want to say a few words about a photo or even tell a story. You can turn your mobile notes into images or write something with the help of Canva, to create a nice layout for the text. 

Make Photo Books on iPhone with the Captural Photo Book App

Feel free to try the Beta version of the Captural Photo Book App. In just a few steps, you, too, can create memorable photo books on iPhone! Request access below.

Captural Photo Book App

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