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Five Unique Photo Book Ideas

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Photo books can be very creative and useful. They add value and charm to your daily life. But they’re also excellent memory keepers. They can preserve the happy memories of your wedding day, travels and vacations, kids and newborn photos, and family photography. We gathered five unique photo book ideas that aren’t the most common but are definitely worth considering. 

Photo Book as a Creative Professional Portfolio

Photo books can serve as portfolios for creatives who need to showcase their work. This includes photographers, bloggers, make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, models, event decorators, cooks, etc. These books are a great way to present the best bits of your work, the diversity of your previous projects, or glowing client feedback. 

Consider how handy and convenient it would be to come to a meeting with a professional portfolio photo book. Your clients could flip through the pages with you. They could stop to look at a particular project or a piece of work that catches their eye.

Captural Photo Book Ideas

Photo Book as Cooking Recipes Photo Book

Turn your passion for cooking into a personal recipe photo book! 

It’s easy. Take photos of your best culinary creations, write your recipe in the “Notes” app on your smartphone, then screenshot and crop them. By doing this, you can create a photo format that can be added easily to your photo book. Alternatively, you can use Canva. You can include one or several photos of your dishes, plus the recipe that comes along with it. If you want to be even more creative, take photos of your cooking process, too.

It’s very handy to have such a photo book in your kitchen for your own reference. But it could also make a fantastic present for your friends and family members—especially if they often ask you to share your recipes with them.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Photo Book as a Coffee Table Book

Are you a hobby photographer? Or even just someone who enjoys taking photos and experimenting with your camera? Why not turn your own favorite photos into a stylish coffee table book that will carry your name? A photo book like that can be a beautiful part of your interior design, whether you’re entertaining guests at home or wish to enjoy a great coffee table book on your own. 

Captural Photo Book Ideas

Business Portfolio Photo Book

Do you run a company that sells highly visual products? How about a cafe, restaurant, or  service provider? For these types of companies and more, photo books can serve as a presentation of your business, covering all aspects of your work.

This would be of great interest to your clients, partners, guests, or new employees. Restaurant owners can even print their menus in the form of a photo book. 

Captural Photo Book Ideas

Pet Photo Book 

Do you own a pet? Do you have tons of photos of your furry friend on your mobile device? Choose the best ones and assemble them in a photo book. Now you can relive all your favorite moments with your adorable companion! 

Captural Photo Books

Unique Photo Book Ideas with the Captural App

With the Captural App, all of your unique photo book ideas can be transformed into beautiful photo books. Be creative and choose whichever images you need; the rest will be taken care of in a few short minutes by Captural!

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