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So you’re organizing your photographs, and you decide to create a photo book. What photo book ideas come first to mind? Which special occasion, important life moment, and memorable night from your collection will you print in the form of a photo book? 

A photo book is a matter of individual taste. But to get you started, here are a few popular photo book ideas:

Captural Photo Books

Travel Photo Books

A travel photo book captures all the magnificent landscapes, people, and traditions you run into during your travels. Photographing your discoveries and arranging the photos in a colorful travel photo book is a blast. Best of all, you can share it with friends and family, or flap through it on your own, bringing back the happy memories of your past adventures. 

Captural Photo Book: Travel

Wedding Photo Books

Wedding Photo Book is probably one of the most well-known photo books out there. One of the most significant days in people’s lives is a wedding celebration. It is a pleasure to share the memories made at a wedding with family, friends, and relatives. The moments captured by a professional photographer can be organized in a wedding photo book and you can store it on your bookshelf and admire it from time to time. A wedding photo book can also be a great gift idea. If you’re attending a friend’s wedding and take a lot of photos, a wedding photo book of your impressions about your friend’s wedding could be a highly valuable wedding gift.

Captural Photo Book: Wedding

Kids Photo Books

Kids Photo Book: Kids grow up fast. That’s why parents love to capture as much of their children’s early years as possible. Photos are wonderful because they give parents the chance to show their adult kids the highlights of their childhood: how they first learned to walk, to draw, and ride a bike, or their first day in kindergarten. These milestones are both small and big victories and achievements. Combined in a photo book, these pictures are great to keep at home and to send copies to grandparents, god-parents, and friends.

Captural Photo Book: Kids

Life Events Photo Books

Life Event Photo Book: Some life events you’ll remember forever. Graduations, baptisms, engagement parties, family reunions, Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners, a child’s first day of school—all are precious moments worth saving in a photo book. Capture these moments and enjoy reliving beautiful memories as you flip through the pages.

Captural Photo Book: Events

Yearbook Photo Books

Annual Yearbook Photo Book: It’s always great to look back at the greatest moments of your year. Having a “year in review” photo book is also a perfect way to save some of the more prominent years of your life in print.

Captural Photo Books

Love Story Photo Books

Love Story Photo Book: People frequently create photo books to document their relationship. This usually includes first dates, trips and events, new discoveries, hikes, meetups with friends, family visits as a couple, Valentine’s Day celebrations…all the great memories a couple has shared together in an ever-lasting photo book.

Captural Photo Book: Couples

Friendship Photo Books

Friendship Photo Book: Maybe you’ve taken some special photos with a best friend. Or maybe they’re with a group of friends. No matter the case, it’s a fact that people spend a lot of time with their buddies taking photos of their fun, meaningful, memorable experiences shared side by side. A friend photo book is excellent enjoyed on its own, but it also makes for a thoughtful present to mark a friendship anniversary. 

Captural Photo Book: Friendship

Special Events Photo Books

Special Events Photo Book: Have you ever been to a music festival that changed your life? Did someone surprise you with tickets to a concert of your favorite artist? Did you go to a carnival, exhibition, ball, or New Year’s celebration that rocked your world? These are all photo book worthy occasions. It’s so fulfilling to check out the pages of past events that filled you with joy and happiness. 

Captural Photo Book: Special Occasions

Photo Book Ideas with Pinterest

Pinterest is full of practical tips and ideas for creating a photo book, no matter the occasion you’re highlighting. The Captural Photo Book App has many inspirational boards with well-selected photo book ideas you can start with. Check them out here.

Photo Book Ideas with Captural

Now that you have all of these photo book ideas to inspire your first project, we invite you to try the Captural Photo Book App (the beta version) to help you turn your precious memories into photo books! To request the access – insert your email below:

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