Storytelling Photography: Take Photos That Tell a Story

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Why Do We Tell Stories? 

What is so captivating about storytelling? Perhaps its greatest appeal is the way stories hold our attention: they invite participation, elicit emotion, and trigger empathy. A shared story has the power to connect people from all walks of life. And by shining a light on different traditions and values across cultures, storytelling is also educational.

Qualities of Photos That Tell a Story Well

A photo story unfolds in a series of shots. You want to be sure you capture your subjects’ emotion and body language. Across the story, make sure each photo contains every detail necessary for making your narrative cohesive. One shot could be intriguing and question provoking; another could provide answers to those questions.  

Storytelling Photography Checklist

·      Capture the location: Use photos of the whole scene (the so called “wide angle” shots) to establish where your story takes place.

·      Add details: The focal points of a photograph are location and your subjects. But unrelated details are important to capture, too. Even though they’re not necessary, they provide crucial context that helps your story unfold. 

·      Use close-ups: Crop your photos or take close-up shots to emphasize the story’s subject.

·      Utilize portraits: An excellent way to highlight your subject’s eyes and smile is to take portrait shots. These help you communicate your subject’s feelings.

·      Work with intriguing imagery: Feel free to be spontaneous with your storytelling photography! Effortless, not-staged photos are always exciting to look at. 

·      Evoke genuine emotion: Happiness. Surprise. Joy. Depict these emotions in photos, and you’ll be sure to impress your viewers.

Captural App – Storytelling Photography as a Photo Book  

The Captural Photo Book App helps you easily select, arrange, and print your favorite photo moments in the form of a photo book—directly from your iPhone.

Everyone has a story. Tell yours with a photo book!

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